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Talent Concept

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Companies pay attention to personnel training. We adhering to the "love only, cherish only, re-only" principle, for the outstanding talent to build the value of life to achieve the stage.


First, training

We will provide training opportunities for employees in all departments of the company in a timely manner, through a series of training to help you plan for future development.

1, pre-job training for new employees: the content includes the staff manual, the basic rules and regulations, and other enterprises.

2, on-the-job training: the departments of the new staff by job needs the necessary induction training, training and assessment of qualified before an independent post.

3, on-the-job training: According to the annual training plan and job requirements, you will receive professional training opportunities.

Second, assessment

Assessment of employees in general in mid-year assessment and annual assessment, the results of the annual assessment as the main basis for payment of the end of part of the pay, your work attitude and work performance determine whether you can get a good assessment results.

Third, transfer

Depending on your competencies, performance, and company needs, you may be relocated to other departments, because we believe that this will be more conducive to your potential.

Fourth, promotion and development

The company provides equal competition and development opportunities for every employee, with excellent work performance and initiative to enable you to get promoted, engage in higher and more challenging work.