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In 2014, 2014, the company plans to jointly develop four series of gear reducers to optimize the product mix to meet the market demand in conjunction with the China Institute of Metrology.

2015 2015 March to achieve four series of gear reducer mass production. In the same year the annual production exceeded 10000 sets, the sales amount amounts to 35,000,000 Yuan, strives for "the morning tide" promotes for the Zhejiang Province famous brand, realizes the product brand.


In 2016 with an annual output of 30,000 gear reducer, sales exceeded 100 million yuan; annual output of WP series reducer 300,000 units, sales exceeded 300 million yuan; annual output of RV series aluminum shell reducer 10 million units , Sales exceeded 80 million yuan.


In ensuring smooth operation of the two stages, the company plans to invest in research and development in 2017 precision planetary reducer.

The same year to achieve sales of 500 million yuan WP series, gear reducer 300 million yuan, RV 100 million yuan aluminum reducer, foreign trade exports amounted to 10 million US dollars in the grand goal.


The company strives to realize the mechanization of management and the internationalization of enterprises in 2024, and will make Hangzhou Jiacheng Machinery Co., Ltd. the largest reducer production base in China.

Jiacheng, a strong cohesive force of the modern enterprise, I believe that through the power of science and technology and staff of the struggle, we can achieve new breakthroughs to achieve a qualitative leap, "Morning" .