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  • + 1Research on Noise Generation of Reducer

    Schematic diagram of the gear The noise of the reducer is mainly caused by the friction, vibration and collision of the transmission gear. How to effectively reduce and reduce

    Noise, making it more in line with environmental requirements is also a key research topic at home and abroad.

    Reducing gear transmission noise has become an important research topic in the industry, many scholars at home and abroad have gear wheel

    The change of tooth engagement stiffness is regarded as the main factor of gear dynamic load, vibration and noise. With the modification method, so that its dynamic load and speed fluctuations reduced to

    Minimum, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. This method proved to be a more effective method in practice. However, in this way, the process needs

    Have modified equipment, the majority of small factories are often unable to implement.

  • + 2Worm gear reducer and worm reducer

    The role of reducer are: worm reducer

    1, while reducing the output torque, torque output ratio by the motor output multiplication and reduction ratio, but pay attention not to exceed the reducer rated torque.

    2, slow down while reducing the inertia of the load, inertia reduction for the reduction ratio of the square. We can look at the general motor has a value of inertia.

  • + 3Worm gear reducer fever

    Worm gear reducer used in the process, often encountered when the reducer heating operation. Resulting in rapid wear of the internal worm gear. Once a serious fever, please stop working immediately to find out the reasons for the worm gear reheat and remove. Because once the worm gear reducer serious heat will make the worm and worm wear coefficient decreased, resulting in reducer quickly wear parts. The following is a common cause of the worm gear reducer fever and the general solution:

    1, the transmission device is not fixed, worm wear or damage, bearing wear or damage, bolt loosening, foreign body invasion Elimination method: fixed transmission, replace the worm, replace the bearing, tighten the bolt, remove the foreign body and replace the oil leakage

     2, the oil seal damage, gasket damage, oil too much, the oil plug loose, oil mark damage Elimination method: replace the oil seal, replace the gasket, add the appropriate amount of oil, tighten the oil plug, replace the oil mark force or output shaft does not turn

    3, Worm and worm overheating, bearing damage, foreign body intrusion, worm, excessive wear of the worm Remedy: Replace or repair, replace the bearings, remove foreign body and replace the oil, replace the worm or worm

    4, the excess of any operation, poor or improper lubricants, lubricating oil, bearing wear, operating temperature is too high Exclusion method: adjust to the appropriate negative, replace the appropriate oil, according to instructions to join the appropriate lubricants, Ventilation environment

    5, overloading, too little or too much lubricant, poor or improper oil, oil seal excessive friction, the output shaft and the transmission device connected improperly Remedy: adjust to the appropriate load or selected large models, according to instructions to join the appropriate lubrication Oil, oil, add the appropriate lubricant, the number of drops of oil in the oil seal, adjust to the appropriate position reducer noise

     6, worm, worm poor mesh, bearing damage or clearance is too large, lack of oil, foreign body invasion

  • + 4Oil Analysis of Reducer

    Leakage is a common thing, which not only a waste of resources, but also on the life of reducer impact. So it is necessary to reducer oil leakage analysis. In a closed reducer, each pair of gear meshing heat, with the long running time, so that the temperature inside the gear box gradually increased, while the deceleration of the chassis volume unchanged, the pressure inside the box also increases, the box Lubricant oil by flying oil, sprinkle the slowdown in the box wall. As the oil permeability is relatively strong, the pressure in the box, which is not strict sealing, oil will penetrate out from there. Reducer design caused by unreasonable oil leakage, such as the design of the reducer no ventilation hood, reducer can not achieve pressure, resulting in higher and higher pressure inside the box, then there will be oil spills. Therefore, the reducer maintenance is critical

  • + 5Research on Noise Generation of Reducer

    Study on noise reduction of gearboxes Research on noise generation of gearheads Research on noise generation of gearheads Research on noise generation of gearheads

  • + 6Engine and other transmission parts

    Engine fault identification

           When the engine control system is abnormal, the alarm lamp will light (flashing).

           When the key switch is set to the "ON" position, it lights up (about 6 seconds) and goes off when the engine is started.

           (1) Do not operate while the alarm lamp is on (flashing).

           In this state, the driver will become the cause of fuel consumption deterioration and power reduction. Therefore, please check and repair the nearest service station.

           (2) In order to indicate that the vehicle is a vehicle with a speed control device, the vehicle with the speed control device (SLD) keeps the key switch in the "ON" position for 15 seconds or more while the engine is stopped, the engine control The alarm lamp flashes three times (approximately 1 second for a 1-second interval).

           (3) If the engine control system is abnormal when the engine is in the stop state when the key switch is in the "ON" position, the warning lamp will continue to blink, so the speed control can not be confirmed Device function.

    Gearbox maintenance (9-bin F9R20A, 12-bin F2R20A)

           As this gearbox with a synchronizer structure, so the operation, do not force too much to prevent damage to the synchronizer;

           Because this transmission is forced lubrication, with the pump and the pump is dependent on the shaft drive, so do not neutral gear sliding, in order to prevent wear and tear of bearings and gears.

    9-speed 12-speed transmission use:

           Two-foot clutch operation. In the low-grade shift to high-end, low-grade gear in the completion of high-grade operation, and then through the operation of the two-legged clutch.

    Clutch aspects should always pay attention to:

           Since the automatic clutch is installed in the vehicle, it is not necessary to adjust the free stroke of the booster cylinder. The clutch pedal is checked every 3 months to check whether the free travel of the clutch pedal exceeds the specified value. Value, you need to repair, or easily lead to the burning of the clutch plate.