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Worm Drive

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  • Stainless steel worm reducer
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  • Stainless steel worm reducer
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Product parameters

Stainless steel worm reducer


Ratio: 7.5~100

Input Power: 0.06~15kW

Output Torque: 2.6~3057N.m

Product Features

Stainless steel worm gear box, flange, end cover, the output shaft are used SUS304 precision casting, with a transmission worm gear reducer can not be directly water washed characteristics. And the use of advanced European technology design, reducer transmission efficiency even better. Main features: suitable for more stringent operating environment, good corrosion resistance; use of fluorine rubber seal, high temperature, corrosion resistance; use of food grade synthetic oil, more secure, environmentally friendly.

Application Industry

● Food Industry

● Fisheries industry

● Beverage industry

● Chemical Industry

● Tobacco industry

● Pharmaceutical Industry

Our Assistance

● For your operating conditions, select the most appropriate gear box

● Reduce downtime maintenance time, improve power usage

● Improve product performance, increase economic efficiency